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Heel Means Heel

At the Languedoc Gundog Training Kennels we spend a good deal of time working with problem dogs, or those that have not grasped the basic obedience and manners required by their owners. Sometime this is down to owner confidence or uncertainty in their actions.

BUT - Are you at your wits end with the dog that constantly pulls you on the lead, drags you towards curbs or other dogs? Scared to let your children handle the family pet for fear of them being pulled over or put in danger?

Heel Means Heel

Is here to help, with tried and tested kind methods - we can show your dog what is required of them in the first instance, but it doesn't stop there, we will then show you the methods in order to achieve the same result with your dog - bring the children along too - they are often the quickest to learn the techniques!!

In 98% of cases we are able to correct the worst parts of the problem inside of an hour - subsequent sessions being required to refine the process and build owner confidence.After the initial consult we can work in areas of distractions, other dogs, people etc to build upon the initial success.

Heel Means Heel

Is not limited to heel work alone - We use heelwork as the basis of all foundation work, leading to a better bond with your dog during the "work period". The Heel Means Heel! methodology works in all aspects of your dog training.

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