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We take great pride in producing a well rounded and well trained dog, to be your shooting and field companion through to test and trial standards.

We are able to sit down with you to discuss your specific training requirements and tailor our training to you.

Or would you rather take on the training yourself?  Learning with your dog?

We can assist with this, offering 1-1 lessons, Residential training, group training classes - through to taking you and your dog into the your first days in the field.

If this is all new to you - don't panic!

We also specialise in training you in the full aspects of gundog work and just as importantly the field craft and etiquette of the shooting field.

Whether you have bought your first spaniel and are new to beating, or  maybe you have a Labrador you wish to take with you on your first driven day - We can help!

We also offer obedience training, for non gun dog breeds, or for those with a gun dog breed that will not be worked.

From the moment I entered the field and met Sam I knew I had made the right choice of trainer.
What is immediately evident is her empathy with dogs; she is calm yet firm and puts both dog and owner alike at ease. My Golden Retriever has responded really well under her guidance and has made amazing progress in just 3 sessions.
I cannot recommend Sam highly enough, and for whatever purpose you wish to train your dog,
( be it for taking on a shoot or merely for enjoying a well trained dog ),Sam will enable your dog to  fulfil its true potential.

Jill & Thistle


I am a novice handler with a "lively" young labrador who was not particularly easy at the start. Sam has given us both the confidence to forward and achieve disciplines that I didn't imagine possible in such a short time. She has an acute understanding of both handler and dog, a real talent. I find working with Sam rewarding and fun. A well trained dog is a happy dog as am I a very happy owner!
Thank you!

Michelle & Larch


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